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The Code

Pirate Republic is the first and only production craft brewery in The Bahamas. Like many craft beer companies, our adventures began in our own kitchens, with a homemade 5-gallon brewing system and enough bravado, enthusiasm and wide-eyed dreaming to now make us cry with laughter. One bold September home-brewing day, we agreed if we didn’t get our brewery opened by March we’d done something wrong. We did open in March – three years later! Brewing world-class beer and sharing it with our fans are our core passions.

For Country

We are fiercely proud of our deep roots in The Bahamas. We integrate our love of Bahamian history, art, architecture and music into all we do. Also, we are extremely mindful of our impact on our fragile island environment and minimizing our environmental footprint is a core value. 

For Beer

Romantic notions of the craft beer industry do not get our juices flowing – world-class beer does. We focus on beer quality, from grain to glass. Then we work tirelessly to share our brews enthusiastically with like-minded compatriots and introduce them to new converts.

For Team

We are committed to each other and to our ship. We embrace collaboration. As a start-up company launching the craft beer industry in an island nation, we’ve lived the idiom that “calm seas does not a skilled sailor make!”

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