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Why Host Your Event at Pirate Republic?

Unique Event Venues at the Pirate Republic

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We took a cluster of Downtown Nassau’s most historic waterfront buildings and painstakingly renovated and repurposed them. The impressive result is a special blend of old and new that speaks to our nation’s history, our sense of place, and, of course, our love of craft beer.

Our Commitment to Authenticity

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To complement the historic ambiance of the property, the original 125+ year-old wood plank floor from the brewery was painstakingly saved and reused in our Tap Room. One hundred-year-old red bricks were imported and used to resurface the wonderful center alley. Original floors and exposed ceilings have been preserved. We commissioned the first-ever series of pieces on history’s most infamous pirates – pirates who called Nassau home. Foremost Bahamian artist, Antonius Roberts, spent 18 months creating larger-than-life likenesses of Blackbeard, Hornigold, Bonny, Read, and Rackham. This custom-made rogues gallery makes for dramatic backdrops.

Event Space Options

The Tap Room | Up to 150 People

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Our Tap Room is a wonderful place for a private or not-so-private event – your choice! Seating and floor-space flexibility allow you to do your own thing. Full service bar with 16 taps. Three ultra HD televisions. State of the art sound system. A great place for a party!

Gallery & Balconies | Up to 100 People

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The Tap Room Gallery and Balconies favorite hang-outs at Pirate Republic. This upstairs location has five doors which open onto the balconies overlooking Nassau Harbour and the Pirate Republic property. Antonius Roberts’ commissioned, larger-than-life pieces of Nassau’s infamous pirates provide a dramatic and  unrivaled backdrop for your guests. Full service bar with 8 taps. Ultra HD television.

The Alley | Up to 500 People

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The Pirate Alley has been described as one of the coolest places for a party in all of Downtown Nassau. To boot, many of The Bahamas’ top musicians have sung praises for its acoustics after their live performances there. The Alley has all the character you’d expect from a truly historical location. The 100-plus-year old red surface bricks and the historically accurate red shutters create a funky glow for party goers.

Entire Property | Up to 750 People

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For epic parties, Pirate Republic is available as a complete buy-out. Multiple buy-out organizers have given Pirate Republic the highest compliments. Our most recent buy-out was hosted more than 400 people from all over New Providence and the Family Islands. Live music filled the Pirate Republic and the party went on until the wee hours of the morning. Contact us for more details if you’re interested in a buy-out!

Before You Book

● You must be 18 years or older
● Bookings may include payment of a rental fee and security deposit
● You can “buy-out” entire spaces or co-exist with our regular pirates
● Payments must be made in full 2 weeks before the event and are not confirmed until the full payment is received

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